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说明: The ministry of finance announced the fourth batch of 'waste electrical and electronic products processing fund subsidies list'. Together with the previously published three batch, at present a total of 107 included in the fund subsidies, Beijing has three: huaxin luyuan environmental protection industry development co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as 'huaxin environmental protection '), wei xiang joint environmental protection technology development (Beijing) co., LTD. And the hazardous waste disposal center in Beijing, including a banana peel is a recycling huaxin environmental protection website. Although the size of the regular army in China's home appliance recycling industry has been expanded again, the embarrassment of the whole recycling industry has not been ...
说明: The state administration for industry and commerce announced on September 4 that from now until the end of 2015, consumer rights protection will be carried out nationwide in key areas such as household electronic appliances, clothing, shoes and hats, decoration materials, vehicles and related services.In recent years, the complaints about household electronic appliances have been ranked first in the total number of consumer complaints. The industrial and commercial departments will focus on household appliances, communication equipment, computers and other goods, focus on solving prominent problems such as uneven quality of goods, insecure after-sales service and poor quality of maintenance services, and investigate and deal with illegal ACTS such as counterfeiting, shoddy goods and false ...
说明: On June 18, 'China home appliance service maintenance association extended warranty service professional committee' (' extended warranty special committee ') approved by the ministry of civil affairs was established in Beijing. According to introducing, Chinese home appliance serves maintenance association to be in on the basis of investigation and study to service of extend of international company home appliance, formed a plan of service of extend of a whole set to promote in our country.Since 2007, we have supported the international professional extended warranty companies from the United States, such as xinke 'an and anxinlong, to expand the market in China and hold the extended warranty service for home appliances BBS. In 2011, the association issued the 'hous...
说明: Recently, the Malaysian electronic electric energy committee adjusted the compulsory certification product listing, compulsory certification of electrical and electronic products will increase to 31 class from an existing 34 classes, main is to increase the air conditioning, adapter/charger, massager three kinds of products, replaced the hair dryer for evaporator, mosquito dispeller replacement of two kinds of products for an electric razor.The mandatory certification of the new products will take effect from January 1, 2013. There are two legal bases for the certification of electrical and electronic products in Malaysia: the electricity supply act (1990) and the electrical equipment approval ordinance (1994), both of which are enforced by the energy council. The license for power supply ...
说明: The technology and market exchange of materials related to flat panel display and semiconductor industry are held in quzhou, zhejiang. Reporters learned from the meeting that the rapid development of global electronic information technology has strongly driven the demand for new chemical materials. Experts at the meeting said that the proportion of chemical materials in the flat-panel display industry has reached 35% ~ 40%, and the market space for electronic chemicals is huge. It is expected that the annual growth rate of market capacity will exceed 15% in the next few years. Peng hongbing, deputy director of the electronic information department of the ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out at the meeting that the United States and Japan control about 70% of the glo...
说明: With more and more business households moving towards the brand management route, some famous and excellent products at home and abroad have been introduced to meet the needs of different consumers. Pneumatic tools are one of them. It is said to be more advanced than power tools in manufacturing technology, material and measurement control. Pneumatic tools and electronic appliances, hydraulic, production process automation is one of the most effective technology, widely used in various departments, according to statistics in the industrial developed countries, the full automation process about 30 equipped with pneumatic systems.China started the research and application of manufacturing and pneumatic technology relatively late, but there has been great development in the past decade. Becau...
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