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说明: According to 2011 in the first half of the consumer association published complaints accepted analysis shows that quality complaints accounted for more than half of the total number of complaints. Of all the complaints received, household electrical and electronic complaints accounted for more than 20 percent of the total number of complaints. In the complaint that aims at home appliance quality, home appliance 'beyond protect bad' become the main reason that consumer complains. It is reported, home appliance 'pass protect bad' have very big concern with rate of change of itself of home appliance product. According to air conditioning refrigeration market survey shows, home appliances update a significant feature is the significant increase in function.For example, the orig...
说明: 'To carry out the policy of exchanging old appliances for new ones, dismantling enterprises is crucial. Last year, our province was not included in the first batch of pilot provinces, because the disassembly capacity of home appliances at that time could not meet the requirements of the state. 'In my province home appliances to old for new policy training, the provincial department of commerce deputy director zhang guangjian said. As a big province of home appliances, home appliances for new to expand domestic demand, promote the development of the province's home appliances industry is self-evident. Therefore, since last year, our province has speeded up the construction of the home appliance disassembly project and made up the 'short leg subject'.At present, the provi...
说明: A new recycling system for electrical and electronic waste introduced in France last month is starting to have a negative impact on China's electronics exporters, ningbo daily reported.Some enterprises worry that other eu countries will follow France's example and implement such a system one after another, which will be detrimental to China's electronics exports. As of November 15, all sellers of electronic appliances will not be allowed to reject similar waste products returned by customers and manufacturers will have to deal with them properly, according to a new French recycling system. The electronic and electronic waste involved in the new system can be divided into three categories, namely household appliances, audio-visual equipment and electronic office equipment. All e...
说明: As China's lighting products take up a larger and larger share in the world market, it has gradually caused fear in the international market. Out of the instinct of protecting local industries, some countries and cross-regional international organizations have continuously set technical barriers and trade barriers to intercept. According to rough statistics, in recent years, there has been the European Union WEEE directive (on discarded electrical and electronic equipment directive), RoHS directive (on the prohibition of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment directive), and EUP directive (the ecodesign framework directive for energy-using products).Chinese companies have been largely left to adapt. Up to now, no matter be illume industry or home...
说明: Industry backgroundPhotoelectric LED industry is a new industry, in recent years, the rapid development of the situation, the output value index 'skyrocket'. With the rise of the RMB exchange rate, the rising cost of raw materials and labor, market competition is increasingly fierce. Various new technologies, new methods, new designs and new products emerge in an endless stream. The core competitiveness of enterprises has evolved from rapid response ability to technological innovation ability, and product research and development has become the main battlefield of enterprise competition. Almost all successful photoelectric LED companies are leader of r&d project management, a set of excellent research and development management system for high-speed operation and sustainable co...
说明: Changchun, located in the northeast of China, is the northernmost and highest latitude province in China. East provinces boundary ussuri river confluence with changchun east longitude 135 ° 06 'line, west to the greater hinggan mountains in the north of chose river west of source 13', longitude 121 ° things long 930 km; North of north up at mohe heilongjiang main channel 53 ° 33 ', north latitude 43 ° 25 ', north latitude in the southern tip of south - east county, north and south is the longest distance of 1120 km. North and east across changchun, wusuli river and Russia to the north of the summer solstice before and after you can see the aurora borealis. In the west, it has a border of more than 2,000 kilometers with the Inner Mongolia autonomous regio...
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