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LED industry information management successful case

日期: 2013-11-30
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Industry background

Photoelectric LED industry is a new industry, in recent years, the rapid development of the situation, the output value index 'skyrocket'. With the rise of the RMB exchange rate, the rising cost of raw materials and labor, market competition is increasingly fierce. Various new technologies, new methods, new designs and new products emerge in an endless stream. The core competitiveness of enterprises has evolved from rapid response ability to technological innovation ability, and product research and development has become the main battlefield of enterprise competition. Almost all successful photoelectric LED companies are leader of r&d project management, a set of excellent research and development management system for high-speed operation and sustainable competitiveness plays a powerful supporting role, is the enterprise upgrading transformation of accelerator, in shortening the period of research and development projects, reduce costs, increase value and promote technology innovation ability bring many benefits for the enterprise.

Management confusion

Product r & d management is a challenging job, facing pressure from the market and customers, which requires coordination with internal and external departments, which puts forward higher requirements for project managers and project members. In r & d project management, managers often face the following confusion:

1. Without market orientation, product research and development lags behind market demand

2. I am not clear about the whole process of product research and development, and the links are not well connected

3. Technical review is a mere formality, and design changes are arbitrary

4. The key nodes of the project are difficult to effectively control and the project quality is not high

5. Poor team communication and low morale; Poor collaboration across departments

6. The leader cannot fully control the project status and lacks data support for decision-making

7. Human resources are not properly arranged and effectively used, and the cost of human resources rises sharply

8. Project documents and knowledge and experience are difficult to share, accumulate and reuse

9. How to keep the documents strictly confidential to prevent competitors from stealing the r&d results

10. Lack of effective data for r&d process improvement analysis and performance evaluation

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