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Changchun LED display case

日期: 2013-11-29
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Changchun, located in the northeast of China, is the northernmost and highest latitude province in China. East provinces boundary ussuri river confluence with changchun east longitude 135 ° 06 'line, west to the greater hinggan mountains in the north of chose river west of source 13', longitude 121 ° things long 930 km; North of north up at mohe heilongjiang main channel 53 ° 33 ', north latitude 43 ° 25 ', north latitude in the southern tip of south - east county, north and south is the longest distance of 1120 km. North and east across changchun, wusuli river and Russia to the north of the summer solstice before and after you can see the aurora borealis. In the west, it has a border of more than 2,000 kilometers with the Inner Mongolia autonomous region. In the south, about 1,300 kilometers of the province borders jilin. The total land area of the whole province is 472,000 square kilometers (including 18,100 square kilometers in the jiagadaqi and songling regions of the greater hinggan mountains), accounting for 4.9% of the total land area of the whole country, ranking the sixth in China, next only to xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, qinghai and sichuan.

Dior display technology to changchun region to provide the most cost-effective LED display, we sincerely invite the strength of the engineering business, advertisers, individuals, groups to join! Our LED display products include: outdoor LED display, indoor LED display, semi-outdoor LED display, full-color LED display, two-color LED display, monochrome LED display.

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