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Household appliances to break down the old for new policy ushered in the "big test"

日期: 2013-11-30
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'To carry out the policy of exchanging old appliances for new ones, dismantling enterprises is crucial. Last year, our province was not included in the first batch of pilot provinces, because the disassembly capacity of home appliances at that time could not meet the requirements of the state. 'In my province home appliances to old for new policy training, the provincial department of commerce deputy director zhang guangjian said. As a big province of home appliances, home appliances for new to expand domestic demand, promote the development of the province's home appliances industry is self-evident. Therefore, since last year, our province has speeded up the construction of the home appliance disassembly project and made up the 'short leg subject'.

At present, the province has reached the national home appliance dismantling requirements of dismantling enterprises have 15. As of press time on June 18, the environmental protection agency had initially selected five dismantling companies for the provincial government to finalize. According to introducing, concerned branch will inspect old home appliance to reclaim a circumstance to increase the dismantling enterprise that designates henceforth. I reach the national standards of dismantling enterprises, now how about the dismantling capacity? Yao xiaoqun, deputy researcher of the pollution prevention department of the provincial environmental protection office, told the reporter that the current level of dismantling enterprises in our province cannot disassemble old household appliances thoroughly and deeply. Some of the household appliance parts removed, due to technical limitations, may not be able to extract the precious metal. Dismantling enterprises will send this part of the material to the downstream enterprises for further decomposition.

Chuzhou chaoyue xinxing waste disposal co., ltd. is one of the five dismantling enterprises in the primary election of the environmental protection department. Jiang longjin, the company's deputy general manager, told reporters that the company now has a variety of processing equipment and auxiliary equipment more than 60 sets, with an annual processing capacity of 20,000 tons of industrial and medical waste and disassembled waste electronic and electrical products. Taking the refrigerator as an example, the company adopts a mechanical and manual disassembly method. The current disassembly capacity is 400 to 500 sets per day, and it is no problem to disassemble more than 100,000 old electrical appliances a year. 'After we receive old household appliances, we first classify them in detail, and granulate the recyclable parts of household appliances, such as plastics, to make them into raw materials. For the metal is pressed block recovery. The currently unavailable parts, such as the foam layer in the refrigerator, we have our own incinerator, which will be environmentally friendly. If encounter the home appliance material that cannot distill, we can send other conditional enterprise to undertake decomposing. '

Jiang longjin said. Have data to show, in 1 ton of electron board card in old home appliance, can distill get 453 grams of gold, and in common contain gold ore (sand) every ton can be extracted only on average about 2 grams. In addition, the content of precious metals such as copper, tin in old home appliance is same breathtaking. The personage inside course of study estimates, profit of reclaim of waste home appliance is in 20% above, accumulate containing huge treasure. However, in order to dig out the treasure from the old household appliances, dismantling the enterprise to purchase equipment in advance of the input is also larger. Oxygen cutting machine, pressing machine, cable and wire peeling machine, plastic granulator, baking and decomposition equipment, electronic dismantling system, waste pyrolysis incinerator and other equipment are indispensable. After the introduction of the policy of exchanging old household appliances for new ones, dismantling enterprises may also face the rapidly increasing demand for dismantling old household appliances due to the high enthusiasm of the general public. In this regard, jiang longjin said that the company has been aware of this problem, and is now in the home appliances for new to further expand the dismantling capacity and personnel training.

'The initial capital turnover is a very important problem because of the large investment in dismantling enterprises. I have noticed that the policy stipulates that the dismantling enterprise should pay the recycling transport subsidy to the recycling enterprise first. Therefore, we also pay special attention to the procedures and time limit for the government to cash our subsidy, so as to get the money back as soon as possible.

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